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50mA Wireless Charger Booster Pack Reference Design (TIDA-00668)

The TIDA-00668 is a booster pack that provides a wireless charger and an entire battery managment solution to power any low power TI Launchpad. This design is a highly integrated power management solution that is well-suited for ultra-low power applications. The primary method of storage is an LIR2032 Lithium-Ion rechargable coin cell. There is a connector for an external battery if desired.


Low cost PCB coil with on board wireless receiver Coin cell storage to 50mA 31uA quiescent current 3.3Vdc buck from the TPS62736 to power the Launchpad 5V boost to power support circuitry Stackable design allows for creating a complete solution


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50mA Wireless Charger Booster Pack Reference Design TIDA-00668

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