High Resolution, Fast Startup Analog Front End for Air Circuit Breaker Reference Design (TIDA-00661)

The TIDA-00661 reference design features signal processing front-end subsystem for electronic trip units (ETU) used in air circuit breakers (ACB) or molded case circuit breakers (MCCB). This subsystem consists of Delta-Sigma ADC with 24-Bit resolution and fast startup (< 3ms), ±2.5V regulator, FRAM-based microcontroller (MCU) for interfacing to ADC and processing the inputs. The subsystem is designed to start-up, compute full-cycle RMS current, make decisions, and provide trip signal to the solenoid within 30 ms.


Measurement of AC input from 10V to 750V and 50mA to 25A within ±1% with fixed gain Voltage and Current inputs are interfaced to a 24-Bit Delta-Sigma ADC with Fast startup (< 3ms) DC-DC converters configured in Fly-Buck configuration to generate supply output (2W/ 8W) Provides option to measure 3 earth fault current inputs with a single gain opamp interfaced to 12-Bit internal ADC of MCU On-Board potential divider provided to measure the AC input voltage and Burden resistors are provided to connect external CT secondary input for current measurement Regulators generate 3.3V and 5V (MCU and ADC board), ±2.5V and 3V (ADC analog supply)


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High Resolution, Fast Startup Analog Front End for Air Circuit Breaker Reference Design TIDA-00661

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