TI USB Type-C? Dock Reference Design (TIDA-00630)

The Type-C Dock Board is designed to help evaluate Type-C Dock implementations with video and charging support. The Type-C Dock offers data and video port expansion and a charging capability for Type-C systems that support USB PD/Alternate mode protocol. The dock comes with three downstream facing ports: two Type C DFP only ports with max of 5V@3A VBUS power, one Type-A DFP port with BC1.2 support. A DisplayPort connector is also provided for video sink connection: A direct connect to a DisplayPort monitor, connection to a MST HUB or a DP protocol converter to a monitor.


Powered by 20V DC IN Includes a USB3 hub TUSB8041 for USB port expansion purposes The dock provides a mini DP source connector for connecting to a DisplayPort sink, a protocol converter or a hub Several LEDs are provided for easier debug purposes DIP Switches are provided for configuration purposes


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TI USB Type-C? Dock Reference Design TIDA-00630

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
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30-V Synchronous Buck NexFETв„ў Power Block 8-LSON-CLIP -55 to 150 ИНФО
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