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Isolated RS-485 to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power Reference Design (TIDA-00486)

The TIDA-00486 TI Design uses Texas Instruments SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 Internet-on-a-chip Wireless MCU module to create a data bridge between an RS-485 network and a Wi-Fi network. An ISO15 transceiver provides an isolated RS-485 interface with up to 2500 VRMS of isolation. The LM5160 Fly-Buck™ power supply provides both isolated and non-isolated 3.3 V outputs for the two portions of the circuit. The design can be powered with AC or DC power up to 30 VRMS or 48 V peak A version of this design with a non-isolated RS-485 interface is presented in TIDA-00485.


Wide Input Voltage Range of 18 V to 30 V AC, 12 V to 48 V DC Fly-Buck™ Power Supply delivers 3.3 V at 550 mA, Isolated 3.6 V at 50 mA Add Wi-Fi® connectivity to an RS-485 network quickly and simply Galvanically isolated RS-485 interface to improve system safety and reliability CC3200 Application Processor Provides Adaptability to Customer Communication Protocols


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Isolated RS-485 to Wi-Fi Bridge with 24 VAC Power Reference Design TIDA-00486

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