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Dual Sensor Measurement Using Single Current-Loop with FSK Modulation Reference Design (TIDA-00483)

The TIDA-00483 reference design brings together several devices to create a subsystem capable of measuring the surrounding environment and communicating the temperature, humidity, and ambient light over a 4- to 20-mA current loop. The small foot print of the design contains all sensors, filters, and control circuitry to calculate and communicate the sensor data. The reference design is intended for process measurement applications in factory automation, field transmitters, and building automation. The sensors, MCU, and communication modules all run off power from the current loop, which requires less than 3.5 mA to achieve. This power configuration allows the rest of the current to be dynamically adjustable for the 4- to 20-mA loop communication protocol standard.


Reduce cabling and installation cost by transmitting two variable parameters simultaneously on a 4-20mA current loop Expandable to additional sensor parameters via FSK-modulated digital data stream Dual op-amp 4th order Butterworth filter for FSK generation reduces BOM count Ultra Low power MSP430 consumes less of the 3.5 mA budget allowing more current for sensors in the loop


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Dual Sensor Measurement Using Single Current-Loop with FSK Modulation Reference Design TIDA-00483

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