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Small Form-Factor Reinforced Isolated IGBT Gate Drive Reference Design for 3 Phase Inverter (TIDA-00446)

The TIDA-00446 reference design consists of six reinforced isolated IGBT gate drivers along with dedicated gate drive power supplies. This compact reference design is intended to control IGBT’s in 3-phase inverters like AC drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and solar inverters. The design uses a reinforced isolated IGBT gate driver with DESAT feature and built-in miller clamp protection, enabling use of unipolar supply voltage for the gate drive. Open loop push pull topology based power supply for each gate driver provides flexibility in PCB routing. The push pull transformer driver used in TIDA-00446 operates at 420 khz which helps in reducing the size of the isolation transformer leading to compact power supply solution. Gate drive power supply can be disabled to facilitate safe torque off (STO).


Suited for low voltage drives (400 Vac and 690 Vac) Integrated 2.5A source and 5A sink current suits driving IGBT modules with currents up to 50A Built in miller clamp functionality enables use of unipolar supply voltage (+17 V) for driving IGBT Built in protection functionalities Short circuit protection through DESAT detection Supply Undervoltage protection Provision for separate Rg(ON) and Rg(OFF) 8000 Vpk Reinforced Isolation Very high CMTI of > 100 kV/us Spread spectrum operation of transformer driver helps reduce EMI. PWM and fault signals of gate drivers can be directly interfaced to controller (3.3V operation)


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Small Form-Factor Reinforced Isolated IGBT Gate Drive Reference Design for 3 Phase Inverter TIDA-00446

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