3D Printer Controller (12V) (TIDA-00405)

This design is a complete system for controlling 3-axis, single extruder-based 3D printers. The system is managed by the MSP430F5529 LaunchPad and utilizes the DRV8846 for precision stepper motor control. The CSD18534Q5A is used as a low-side switch for the hot bed heater, extruder heater, and cooling fan. The DRV5033 Hall Sensor acts as a contactless limit switch.


Complete 3D printer controller with MCU, stepper drivers, heater outputs, sensor inputs, and SD card slot. Precise stepper motor current regulation using DRV8846 adaptive decay Hall sensor limit switches are immune to contaminants and never wear out High-current heater outputs from the CSD18534Q5A with low 7.8 mΩ Rds(ON) Powered from a single 12V supply System has been fully tested and proven


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3D Printer Controller (12V) TIDA-00405

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