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Automotive LED Sequential Brake/Turn Light TI Reference Design (TIDA-00336)

This TI Design utilizes a TLC6C5912 shift register operated via two 555 timers integrated in the TLC556 device, showcasing a cost effective solution for rolling LED system design. This design can also withstand automotive cold crank conditions capable of full operation at 5V, with the ability to operate down to 3.3V.


LED patterns remain periodic while still adjustable by the user - Flexibility in number of LED s used No MCU or Software required - Cost effective solution helping with production release time Thermal Shutdown protection integrated in TLC6C5912-Q1 – Avoid overheating and damaging the IC. Slow swithcing time: rise time=207ns fall time=128ns – Helps significantly with reducing EMI


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Automotive LED Sequential Brake/Turn Light TI Reference Design TIDA-00336

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