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POL Multiphase (3-phase), 120A Power Reference Design (TIDA-00324)

TIDA-00324 is a power reference design that highlights the multiphase controller TPS53631 and the Smart Power Stage CSD95372BQ5M in a 12V Vin, 1.2V Vout at 120A application. This reference design can be used to help a user develop a Power Solution for CPU Vcore power or DDR4 power solution to enable faster development and quicker time to market.


Reference Design for a 12Vin, 1.2Vout, 120A Iout application using a 3-phase controller and Power Stage Complete BOM, schematic, and test data available for the reference design Design can be leveraged for CPU Vcore, DDR Memory Power, or applications needing a multiphase controller plus Power Stage TPS53631 is Intel® VR12.x Platform Serial VID (SVID) Compliant and can operate 1-, 2-, or 3-Phase configuration employing advanced control architecture D-CAP+ with advanced PMBus communication interface for device configurations and system telemetries CSD95372BQ5M smart power stage is a highly optimized design for use in a high-power, high-density applications which integrates the driver IC and power MOSFETs to complete the power stage switching function with accurate current sensing and temperature sensing functionality to simplify system design and improve accuracy


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POL Multiphase (3-phase), 120A Power Reference Design TIDA-00324

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