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Automotive Body Control Module Driver Reference Design (TIDA-00296)

TIDA-00296 is a reference design that highlights TI's high-side and low-side relay, motor, and load driver portfolios. The loads for this design (door locks, window lifts, seat heaters, HVAC, lamps, and LEDs) were chosen to show the range of loads that a BCM can drive and how TI's solutions fit into these areas.


Robust and versatile driver products for driving various loads: High-side pre-FET Drivers (LM9061/TPIC44H01) Seat Heaters Low-Side Driver (TPL7407L) Lamps High-Side Driver (LMD18400/TPS1H100-Q1) HVAC Blower, Window/Windshield Actuators Linear LED Driver (TPS92630) LEDs Smart drivers have diagnostic and protection capabilities via I2C and SPI Reverse polarity protection on the power stage of the design pre-FET drivers are used to drive discrete FETs allowing the design to have flexibility with load driving requirements Highlights the ability of the BCM to directly drive loads with higher current requirements (~4500mA)


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Automotive Body Control Module Driver Reference Design TIDA-00296

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