PoE PSE Type 2 (30W) IEEE 802.3at Fully Autonomous Quad Port Solution. (TIDA-00290)

A fully autonomous IEEE802.3at, Type 2 (30W) Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 4 Port Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) solution. An additional configuration of two non-standard, high power ports (<60W) is provided. Both configurations support Gigabit Ethernet data pass through in 1000BASE-T ports. This reference design is made up of two boards: Motherboard (TPS23861EVM-612) and Daughter board (TPS23861EVM-613). The daughter board features two TPS23861 IEEE 802.3at PoE PSE controller devices. The motherboard provides a multi-port base platform interface for the daughter board. Additionally, the motherboard provides interfaces for two optional boards: MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad™ (if custom Power Management programmability is desired) and USB-TO-GPIO Interface Adapter (if PC GUI based Power Management configuration is desired). The complete solution has undergone exhaustive PoE testing and passes all industry-recognized conformance/interoperability test suites allowing customers to copy/paste the design without concern. The 2-layer PCB, daughter card, design delivers all of this on a low cost platform.


• TPS23861 PSE devices default to full autonomous mode so no digital interface is required • Passes UNH-IOL PoE Conformance/Interoperability and SIFOs Type 1/Type 2 Test Suites • Four IEEE802.3at, Type 2 (30 W) ports and Two non-standard, high power (<60W) ports supported • Entire design is powered by a single DC supply. Logic power is delivered by an on board 3.3V regulator (LM5007) • I2C interface allows programming via PC-based-GUI, or Microcontroller based code • Port ON status LEDs provides simple status indication in fully autonomous mode


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PoE PSE Type 2 (30W) IEEE 802.3at Fully Autonomous Quad Port Solution. TIDA-00290

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
ISO7241CDW ISO7241CDW Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

Четырехканальный, 3/1, 25Mbps, цифровой изолятор. Uпит=3,3/5В, -40...+125°С. ИНФО
424,50 r
от 4 шт. 371,50 q
от 11 шт. 318,50 q
от 23 шт. 292,00 q
На складе: 79 шт.
ISO7241CDWR ISO7241CDWR Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

Четырехканальный, 3/1, 1Mbps, цифровой изолятор. Uпит=3,3/5В, -40...+125°С. ИНФО
247,50 r
от 7 шт. 216,50 q
от 18 шт. 185,50 q
от 39 шт. 170,50 q
На складе: 442 шт.
LM5007MM/NOPB LM5007MM/NOPB Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

DC/DC Converter IC; Voltage Regulator Type:Buck Switching; Input Voltage Primary Max:75V; Output Voltage Max:73V; Output Current Max:5A; Supply Voltage Min:9V; Supply Voltage Max:75V; Termination Type:SMD; Package/Case:8-MSOP PDF ИНФО
133,50 r
от 12 шт. 117,00 q
от 33 шт. 100,00 q
от 72 шт. 92,00 q
На складе: 5267 шт.
TPS23861PW TPS23861PW Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

QUAD IEEE 802.3at Power-Over-Ethernet PSE Controller 28-TSSOP -40 to 125 ИНФО
676,50 r
от 3 шт. 592,00 q
от 7 шт. 507,50 q
от 15 шт. 465,50 q
На складе: 90 шт.

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