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Low Side 0.5A 8ch Digital Output Module for PLC (TIDA-00236)

Digital Output Modules are a standard component in a PLC/PAC or DCS to control actuators, motors and other resistive, capacitive or inductive loads. Customers will benefit from this integrated protected low side drivers and the low pin count control interface which saves pins and isolation channels. The design is capable of delivering 0.5A on all 8 channels in a small form factor without compromising thermal management.


High density 8ch 24V low side digital output 500mA /ch. unregulated (+20%), 2A peak Data serializer to save isolation channels Capable of switching inductive loads LED to indicate output state and faults Standalone use or with TIDA-00123


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Low Side 0.5A 8ch Digital Output Module for PLC TIDA-00236

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