Isolated Current Shunt and Voltage Measurement Reference Design for Motor Drives Using AM437x (TIDA-00209)

This reference design uses the AMC130x reinforced isolated delta-sigma modulators along with AM437x Sitara™ ARM® Cortex® -A9 Processor, which implements Sinc filters on PRU-ICSS. The design provides an ability to evaluate the performance of these measurements: three motor currents, three inverter voltages, and the DC Link voltage. Provided in the reference design is firmware to configure the Sinc filters, set the modulator frequency, and receive data from Sinc filters. A versatile run-time GUI is also provided to help the user validate the AMC130x performance and supports configuration changes to Sinc filter parameters in the Sitara™ Processor.


Unique lower input voltage range of 50mV allows use of smaller shunt resitors enabling lower cost and heat dissipation Implements Sinc3 Digital Filters on AM437x Sitara™ ARM® Cortex® -A9 Processor with proprietary programmable real-time unit (PRU-ICSS) Precise measurements across reinfoced isolation barrier : calibrated accuracy of ±0.2% Fast (<4uSec) response time for Short Circuit protection using Sinc3 filter with OSR of 16, eliminating the need for external components Run-time Run-time GUI for complete performance analysis of modulator clock, sinc filter parameters, and currrent and voltage waveforms


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Isolated Current Shunt and Voltage Measurement Reference Design for Motor Drives Using AM437x TIDA-00209

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