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Interface to a HIPERFACE Position Encoder Reference Design (TIDA-00202)

The TIDA-00202 referencedesign implements an EMC compliant industrial hybrid analog and digital interface to a HIPERFACE position encoder. A 3.3V supply RS485 transceiver with IEC-ESD and IEC-EFT protection is used for the bidirectional parameter channel. For the analog sin/cos signal channel, two options are provided to offer flexibility for connection to processors with and without embedded ADC or redundancy by using both options simultaneously. The first option features a fully differential dual 12-bit ADC with SPI output, the second option features a dual differential input with single-ended analog output (0-3.3V). The design features an industrial compliant 24V input with wide range from 16V to 36V. The power supply for the encoder can be configured from 7 to 12V (default 11V) and offers short-circuit protection. A 3.3V I/O connector with analog and logic signals provides an easy interface to a host processor with HIPERFACE master IP core. For quick evaluation an example firmware is available for a C2000™ Piccolo MCU to calculate the absolute angle position and display it through virtual COM port.


EMC Compliant Interface to HIPERFACE Position Encoders with Digital Bidirectional Parameter Channel up to 38400 Baud and Analog Sin/Cos Channel with at least 150kHz Bandwidth. 3.3V Supply Half-Duplex RS485 Transceiver with 12kV IEC-ESD and 4kV IEC-EFT. Dual Signal Path Option for Sine and Cosine Signals with either Dual 12-bit ADC with SPI Output or Dual Analog Output (0-3.3V) to Offer Flexibility for Connection to MCU with and without Embedded ADC. Host Processor Interface (3.3V I/O) for Easy Connection to MCU like C2000™ for the HIPERFACE Master. Example Firmware on C2000™ Piccolo MCU to Calculate and Display the Interpolated Absolute Angle from HIPERFACE Position Encoders. Designed to Meet EMC Immunity for ESD, Fast Transient Burst, and Surge with Levels according to IEC61800-3.


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Interface to a HIPERFACE Position Encoder Reference Design TIDA-00202

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