Isolated Loop Powered Thermocouple Transmitter Reference Design (TIDA-00189)

The Isolated Loop powered Thermocouple Transmitter reference design is a system solution providing precision K-type thermocouple measurements for 4 to 20-mA isolated current-loop applications. This design is intended as an evaluation module for users to fast prototype and develop end-products for process-control and factory-automation. Potential challenges with thermocouples as a temperature sensor include tiny voltage outputs, low sensitivity and nonlinearity; in addition, because in industrial environments ground potential differences higher than 100V are common, thermocouple and signal conditioning circuitry must be galvanically isolated. The design files include design considerations, block diagrams, schematics, Bill of Materials (BOM), layer plots, Altium files, Gerber Files, and MSP430 Firmware. Watch the TIDA-00349 Overview video, covering the same isolated power topology as used in the TIDA-00189 NOW


Sensor input compatible with k-Type Thermocouple probes ( -200°C to +1375°C) Operating temperature of the circuit -40°C to +85°C Implements Cold Junction compensation (RTD based) Front End accuracy < 0.5°C (-200°C to +270°C) and < 0.15% (270°C to +1375°C) 4 to 20mA current loop output signal Design to meet IEC 61000-4-5


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Isolated Loop Powered Thermocouple Transmitter Reference Design TIDA-00189

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