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Interface to Sin/Cos Encoders with High-Resolution Position Interpolation Reference Design (TIDA-00176)

The TIDA-00176 reference design is an EMC compliant industrial interface to Sin/Cos position encoders. Applications include industrial drives, which require accurate speed and position control. The design utilizes a 16-bit dual sample ADC with drop-in compatible 14- or 12-bit versions available, allowing for optimization of performance and cost. TIDA-00176 is also provides a simple to connection to external processors using SPI and QEP interfaces and allows for the use of optional, embedded ADCs. For quick evaluation an example firmware for Piccolo F28069M MCU LaunchPad is provided, which outputs the measured angle from the Sin/Cos encoder with up to 28-bit resolution through the MCU’s USB virtual COM port.


EMC Compliant Industrial Interface Design for Sin/Cos Encoders with 1Vpp Differential Output at 2.5-V Offset, Input Frequencies up to 500-kHz High-Resolution Interpolated Position, up to 28-bits Resolution, Cable Length Tested up to 70m Dual Analog Signal Chain for Simultaneous Use of 16-bit Dual SAR ADC and MCU Embedded ADCs Allows for Evaluation of Both Paths and/or Optimization of One Path for Increased Noise Immunity with Reduced Bandwidth Easy to Connect to MCU with SPI and QEP Interface and Option for Cost Optimization pending Resolution Requirements, Thanks to Drop-in Compatible 14- or 12-bit ADC Example Firmware for C2000 MCU with High-Resolution Angle Calculated at 16-kHz and Angle Data Send via USB virtual COM Port for Easy Performance Evaluation Tested for IEC61000-4-2,4-4 and 4-5 (ESD, EFT and Surge EMC Immunity Requirements)


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Interface to Sin/Cos Encoders with High-Resolution Position Interpolation Reference Design TIDA-00176

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
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