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Automotive eCall Reference Design (TIDA-00159)

TIDA-00159 is a reference design for vehicles equipped with eCall systems which has the capability to enable phone calls to an emergency service center in the event of an accident. Customers can accelerate the design of their eCall systems by taking advantage of a complete reference design comprised of analog AEC-Q100 qualified integrated circuits (ICs) from TI. This design creates a robust, low cost solution that is scalable with flexible power operations which allows the system to be powered from the main car battery or the back-up cell battery. Note: TIDA-00159is the second generation eCall reference design and it replaces the previous version TI Design AUTO-ECALL-REF


The TPS43330-Q1 pre-boost circuit supports automotive start/stop and boosts back-up battery supply voltage, allowing operation down to 2V at the input The TAS5421-Q1 delivers 10W output power at 8 Ohms which translates to clear and loud audio. The audio amplifier also features integrated diagnostics to increase the safety level The components offered in this system provide load dump protection against input transients up to 40V Can sustain a 10-15 minute phone call in emergency situations Software features a set of AT commands that can be implemented through the RS-232 serial connection with the modem


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Automotive eCall Reference Design TIDA-00159

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