Automotive 60W Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive (TIDA-00143)

This TIDA-00143 reference design is a BLDC motor controller and is designed to operate from a single 12V (nominal) power supply which can vary over a wide range of voltages as found in typical automotive applications. The board is designed to drive motors in the 60W range, which require currents of 5 Amps. The size and layout of the board is intended to facilitate evaluation of the drive electronics and firmware, with easy access to key signals on individual test points. Connection to a wide variety of motors is possible using either the 3-contact connector or by soldering motor phase wires to plated-through holes in the board. The 12Vdc power is fused to prevent damage to the board or to bench power supplies in case of a motor fault during testing. Command and status of the motor can be communicated through the standard JTAG connector, or through PWM input and output signals. Users can also re-program the microcontroller through the JTAG connector, allowing customization to a wide variety of applications.


Operates from a single 12V automotive supply (7V to 40V operational range) Drives 3-phase Brushless DC (BLDC) motors up to 60W with no position sensors needed Easy to get started withMotorWare™ Software Testpoints provide easy access to key motor control signals Microcontroller programmable through JTAG connector for customization


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Automotive 60W Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive TIDA-00143

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