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Zero drift PGA based Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers (ACB/MCCB-ETU) (TIDA-00130)

This reference design is intended for use in molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) electronic trip units. The programmable gain amplifier based design acts as the current monitoring for over-current earth fault relays. Utilizing a zero drift programmable amplifier, this design provides a ±10 % pick-up (A) accuracy and time delay (s) accuracy of 0 to -20%. Additionally, this solution was designed to handle harsh environment conditions by including features such as ambient insensitivity from -10 to 70 вЃ°C and high electromagnetic immunity. Finally the analog front end of this design interfaces seemlessly with the TI MSP430 MCU for quicker evaluation and faster time-to-market.


Architecture enables the customer to easily create multiple circuit breaker models with different current ranges Using programmable gain control, fault current sensing range can be increased to > 10 times Ir and < 0.2 times Ir Lower total manufacturing cost with reduced component count and less calibration time vs. discrete opamp based electromechanical solution Robust design with ambient insensitivity from -10 to +70°C and better trip time repeatability vs. discrete opamp based electromechanical solution Wide input DC-DC converter with under voltage and overcurrent protection Self-power (CT powered) supply with reduced CT loading and lower power loss


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Zero drift PGA based  Analog Front End Design for Circuit Breakers (ACB/MCCB-ETU) TIDA-00130

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