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PLC I/O Module Front-End Controller Using a Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4 MCU (TIDA-00123)

This TI Design implements the Tiva™ C Series MCU as a front-end controller for TI's suite of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) analog and digital I/O module reference design boards. The design includes sockets for interfacing and simultaneously controlling two TI Designs I/O reference design boards. It allows maximum versatility whereby the I/O boards can be any combination of analog or digital, input or output modules. The controller system automatically identifies and configures each I/O board appropriately, setting any required compensation of the analog circuitry. On-board power supplies are included to power the controller board as well as providing isolated power to both I/O boards, eliminating the need for multiple external power supplies. Additional circuitry is provided that optimizes the I/O signal aquisition and data throughput, enabling full 1-MSPS data acqusition and 20-MHz SPI bus performance. This design also performs as an evaluation platform for each of the I/O boards, analyzing the performance of several key parameters and relaying the results to a PC via an onboard USB 2.0 connector. Included in the design is an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface that runs a LabView™-based analysis program facilitating comprehensive evaluation of the I/O reference designs. The GUI provides many options for configuration of the test parameters as well as filtering and set up options that allow for comprehensive analysis of the individual I/O module boards. Full documentation and design files of the platform are provided.


32-bit, 80MHz Tiva™ C Series ARM® Cortex™-M4 MCU Modular plug-in design: two identical interface sockets for simultaneously controlling and analyzing TI's suite of PLC I/O module reference design boards Circuitry for enhanced throughput enabling full 1-MSPS data acquisition and 20-MHz SPI performance EMC-compliant isolated RS485 interface for fieldbus connectivity and EMC-compliant USB 2.0 interface for PC connectivity High-efficiency, isolated power supply for both I/O boards using LM5017 Flybuck™ topology Power supply protection circtry for safeguarding against reverse polarity, transient/surge, and in-rush current LabView™-based GUI for functional testing and performance analysis


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PLC I/O Module Front-End Controller Using a Tiva C Series ARM Cortex-M4 MCU TIDA-00123

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