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Automotive 200-VA High Frequency Inverter Design (TIDA-00122)

This design presents a low-cost, small size, robust 200-VA DC to AC inverter based on TI’s MSP430 and UCD8220-digitally managed push-pull controller. It is targetted towards car inverters and small-segment inverters for commercial applications. In this design, UCD8220 is used for a boost stage to get 250-V DC from a 12-V battery. The MSP430 acts as a host controller and provides a 100-kHz clock to UCD8220 and drives for output DC-AC bridge. This inverter has a peak efficiency of 90% and has natural cooling and does not require a fan for cooling.


Typical Efficiency for this inverter design: 86% Ultra-low quiescent current of MSP430 minimizes power consumption TrueDrive™ architecture of UCD8220 enhances current drive capability at low voltages Quick power up from standby provided by TLV70433 TI’s low-Rdson and low-Qgs MOSFET, CSD18532 is selected to keep switching as well as conduction losses in control


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Automotive 200-VA High Frequency Inverter Design TIDA-00122

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