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Serial Interface Dual 8-Channel Relay, LED, Stepper Driver (TIDA-00117)

This reference design includes dual DRV8860 and an MSP430 value line MCU to provide 16-channel low side driver for Relays, LEDs, and Unipolar steppers. The solution suports voltage range from 8V to 38V, 200mA current for each channel, parallel outputs, protection of short condition and open load detection. Serial interface and daisy chain connection of DRV8860 give the most benefits on minimum input IOs and extending the output channels easily. An innovative energizing time and internal automatic PWM duty control provide obvious energy saving function especially for relay and solenoid driving. The PWM duty control also can be used for LED brightness control. Full and half step unipolar stepper motor control logic is also included in this design. The drive stage has integrated protection from short-circuit, under voltage, and over-temperature.


Serial interface control to minimize the inputs signal Daisy chain connection to extend output channels easily without increasing inputs IO Wide VM range from 8V to 38V and 200mA for each channel Parallel outputs capability to increase the output current Diagnosis function by reading back output states and OCP/OL faults through serial interface Integrated protection for short-circuit, over-current, under-voltage, and over-temperature


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Serial Interface Dual 8-Channel Relay, LED, Stepper Driver TIDA-00117

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