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Stepper Motor System with Medium Torque Drive (TIDA-00111)

This bipolar stepper motor system implements an MSP430, a DRV8818, and a NEMA 23 motor. It's suitable for applications requiring up to 140 oz-in of torque, and up to 800 RPM. Motor voltage support is 8V to 35V, and max current is 2.5A. A multitude of configuration options allow fine tuning of the current waveform, including the regulated current level, the microstepping applied, H-bridge FET states during current decay, the time interval of current decay, and current deglitch time. The motor drive stage has integrated protection from short-circuit, shoot-through, under-voltage, and over-temperature.


Highly configurable current waveform allows maximum tunability Integrated power FETs support 8V to 35V and 2.5A Motor speed is easily controlled by the STEP frequency Hardware state machine modulates current with up to 1/8 microstepping for a smooth motion profile Integrated protection for short-circuit, shoot-through, under-voltage, and over-temperature Note: Motor must be ordered through the manufacturer


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Stepper Motor System with Medium Torque Drive TIDA-00111

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