16-Bit 1-MSPS Data Acquisition Reference Design, Isolated for High-Voltage Common-Mode Rejection (TIDA-00106)

The circuit represents a high-performance data acquisition (DAQ) solution suitable for processing input signals (up to ±12 V) superimposed on large common-mode offsets (tested up to 155 Vp-p from dc to approximately 15 kHz) relative to the ground potential of the system's main power supply. Common-mode rejection is achieved by generating an isolated power supply to allow the analog signal chain to float with the input common-mode signal. The analog signal chain consists of a high-performance, 16-bit, 1-MSPS SAR ADC with an integrated analog front end (AFE) that offers high input impedance and a wide ±12-V input voltage range. Relevant application areas include PLC analog input modules with channel-to-channel isolation, automotive battery pack monitoring, power monitoring in AC motor drives and thermocouple measurements.


Provides 16-bit, 1-MSPS, 120-dB CMRR, 108-dB THD, performance via Isolation Isolated data acquisition to allow for high-voltage common-mode rejection Isolated power supply design Design facilitates injecting high common-mode voltages for testing


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16-Bit 1-MSPS Data Acquisition Reference Design, Isolated for High-Voltage Common-Mode Rejection TIDA-00106

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