Wireless Heart Monitor with Bluetooth Low Energy (TIDA-00096)

The Wireless Heart Rate Monitor with Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) is intended as a reference design that customers can use to develop end-products for battery-powered, 3-channel health and fitness electrocardiogram (ECG) applications. The ADS1293 is a highly integrated low-power analog front end (AFE) which features three high-resoluiton ECG channels. The CC2541 system-on-chip (SoC) adds a BLE wireless feature to the platform which enables seamless connectivity to an iPhone(R) or an iPad(R) through a configurable iOS application where the end-user can remotely monitor a patient's heart rate data.


Supports 5-Lead ECG applications Easily monitor heart rate data via an iOS Mobile App Powered by a lithium-ion battery Interference from outside RF sources are rejected by EMI filters integrated in the ADS1293 Firmware and iOS app source code provided as open source to enable quick time to market for customers


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Wireless Heart Monitor with Bluetooth Low Energy TIDA-00096

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