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Wide-Bandwidth and High-Voltage Arbitrary Waveform Generator Front End (TIDA-00075)

This design shows how to use an active interface with the current sink output of the DAC5682Z - typical applications for this include front ends for arbitrary waveform generators. The EVM includes the DAC5682Z for digital-to-analog conversion, an OPA695 to demonstrate an active interface implementation using a wide bandwidth operational amplifier and a THS3091 and THS3095 to showcase an operational amplifier with large voltage swing. Also included on board are a CDCM7005, VCXO and Reference for clock generation, and linear regulators for voltage regulation. Communication to the EVM is accomplished via a USB interface and GUI software.


Example of a high performance arbitrary waveform generator front end Wideband signal generation using DAC5682z Provide 1 wideband high performance output capable of driving 50 ohm loads using OPA695 Provide a high voltage output using the THS3095 with a maximum of 30Vpp Easy evaluation platform using TSW1400 and HSDC Pro pattern generator software


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Wide-Bandwidth and High-Voltage Arbitrary Waveform Generator Front End TIDA-00075

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