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Wideband RF-to-Digital Complex Receiver-Feedback Signal Chain (TIDA-00074)

This is a wideband complex-receiver reference design and evaluation platform that is ideally suited for use as a feedback receiver for transmitter digital predistortion. The EVM signal chain is ideal for high intermediate-frequency (IF) complex-feedback applications and contains a complex demodulator, TI’s LMH6521 dual-channel DVGA and ADS5402 12-bit 800-MSPS dual-channel ADC. By modifying the onboard filter components, the signal chain is configurable for a variety of frequency plans. The EVM also includes TI’s LMK04808 dual-PLL clock jitter cleaner and generator to provide an onboard low-noise clocking solution. The LMH6521 DVGA gain is controlled through the GUI or alternatively through the high speed connector with an FPGA.


Complete RF to digital complex wideband receiver solution Up to 800MHz of contiguous spectrum can be sampled Default configuration of RF input from 1800M to 2400M, options for 700M to 3GHz Onboard DVGA for gain control Easy evaluation platform with TSW1400 and HSDC Pro analysis software


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Wideband RF-to-Digital Complex Receiver-Feedback Signal Chain TIDA-00074

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