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Dual-Wideband RF-to-Digital Receiver Design (TIDA-00073)

The TSW1265EVM is an example design of a wideband RF to digital dual receiver solution capable of digitizing up to 125MHz of spectrum. The system provides a reference on how to use the ADS4249, LMH6521, LMK0480x, and a dual mixer to achieve this. This reference EVEM coupled with a capture card such as the TSW1400 can be used to capture and analyze narrow band and wideband signals. Instructions are provided on how to change the LO and IF frequencies for different application needs. The TIDA-00073 was implemented with hardware from the TSW1265EVM.


Complete RF to digital wideband receiver solution Up to 125MHz of contiguous signal bandwidth RF Input from 1700M to 2200M (mixer dependent - may be swapped within mixer family) On board DVGA for gain control Easy evaluation platform with TSW1400 and HSDC Pro analysis software


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Dual-Wideband RF-to-Digital Receiver Design TIDA-00073

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