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Impedance Track? Technology Enabled Battery Management Solution Reference Design (TIDA-00050)

This reference design is a complete solution for the bq20z65/bq29412 battery management system. The design includes one bq20z65/bq29412 circuit module and a link to Windows™-based PC software. The circuit module design includes one bq20z65 integrated circuit (IC), one bq29412 IC, and all other onboard components necessary to monitor and predict capacity, perform cell balancing, monitor critical parameters, protect the cells from overcharge, over-discharge, short-circuit, and overcurrent in 2-, 3- or 4-series cell Li-ion or Li-polymer battery packs. The reference design connects directly across the cells in a battery. With the EV2300 interface board and software, the user can read the bq20z65 data registers, program the chipset for different pack configurations, log cycling data for further evaluation, and evaluate the overall functionality of the bq20z65/bq29412 solution under different charge and discharge conditions.


# Series Cells: 2 to 4S Max Input Volts: 25V Max Charge Current: 3A Communication: SMBus Impedence Track, Integrated protection This EVM requires the use of a communications tranciever, the EV2400


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Impedance Track? Technology Enabled Battery Management Solution Reference Design TIDA-00050

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