8-Channel Digital Input Module for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) (TIDA-00017)

This TI Design provides a complete 8-channel digital input module front-end reference design for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It is designed and fully tested to meet IEC61000-4 EMC and surge requirements for industrial automation systems thus reducing the time to market for customer. The design serializes 8 digital inputs, up to 34-volts each, minimizing the number of isolation channels and GPIO pins required of the host interface. Serialized data and control signals are galvanically isolated from the PLC using TI’s high-speed, 4242-volt peak, digital isolator technology. The design also includes an over-current protected, isolated power supply providing all necessary module voltages. Full documentation, test results, design files and necessary firmware are also available for this design.


Fully tested to comply with IEC61000-4 for ESD, EFT and Surge Input protection circuitry and integrated 15kV ESD protection User-programmable current limit of 2mA on inputs for overcurrent protection Galvanic isolation on data and SPI data up to 4242-volts peak Integrated over-temperature indicator to disconnect inputs when fault conditions occur Slim form factor 95 x 50x 10mm (LxWxH)


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8-Channel Digital Input Module for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) TIDA-00017

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