High Efficiency Isolated CAN & Profibus Interface Reference Design (TIDA-00012)

The High Efficiency Isolated CAN & Profibus Interface Solution TI Design is intended for use in industrial systems that require isolated power for CAN and/or Profibus transceivers. This TI Design highlights the ability to completely shut off both the power converter and data transceivers with just one GPIO signal from a microcontroller (when dropping into low power modes, for example). This isolated interface solution delivers accurately regulated rails for both primary and secondary power to TI’s Profibus and CAN transceivers without costly opto-coupler feedback circuits – making this the simplest, most efficient and flexible isolated interface solution for industrial automation on the market today. Other solutions using transformer drivers are not efficient and do not have the ability to be easily turned off and require additional components to regulated the secondary rail. Lastly, this TI Design has the additional feature of allowing the MCU to wait until power is good before transmitting data or to stop transmitting data if a power fault has occured on the interface. The Tiva C Series Launch Pad form factor of this TI Design allows easy connection to the LaunchPad board for use of the Tiva C microcontroller in handling the communications protocol to the interface. The combination of the two boards provides a complete, low cost CAN and Profibus communication solution.


Enable, Soft-start and Fault functions of TPS55010 provides full MCU control of the power supply rails to the communications interface -- maximizing system power savings Adjustable, high switching frequency increases efficiency, decreases solution size and allows avoidance of sensitive frequency bands Galvanic insulation technology used in TI’s isolated Profibus and CAN Transceivers provide proven reliability and stability over time, temperature and moisture


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High Efficiency Isolated CAN & Profibus Interface Reference Design TIDA-00012

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