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chipKIT™ Fubarino Mini Development Board (TCHIP011)

The Fubarino® Mini is a prototyping-friendly platform for developing Arduino compatible 32-bit applications. Compact size (5.1 cm x 1.9 cm) and low cost allow the Mini to fit almost anywhere. (It’s actually much smaller than a stick of gum!) Includes a USB bootloader that works with the chipKIT/MPIDE platform. Connect directly to your application using solder pads, or add the male expansion headers and plug into a breadboard.


    • PIC32MX250F128D-50I/ML microcontroller, which includes 128KB Flash and 32K RAM
    • MPIDE (Multi Platform IDE - a fork of the Arduino IDE) supports Fubarino Mini board out of the box
    • Max 33 I/O pins (normally 27)
    • Pads for 32 KHz crystal
    • CPU runs at 48MHz
    • Comes with headers (not installed) for easy mounting on a breadboard
    • USB connector for power, programming, and connection to PC (serial, mass storage, etc.)
    • Two buttons: RESET for resetting the board, and PRG for getting into bootloader mode and user application use
    • USB bootloader pre-programmed at the factory – no other hardware needed to program board
    • Separate ICSP connector – for hardware programming/debugging with PICKit3 or other ICSP programmer (not needed for use with MPIDE environment)
    • USB cable included


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chipKIT™ Fubarino Mini Development Board TCHIP011

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