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TC1303B Buck Regulator LDO Demo Board (TC1303BDM-DDBK1)

The TC1303B Dual-Output Regulator with Power-Good Output Demo Board can be used to evaluate the TC1303B device over the input voltage range and output current range for both the synchronous buck regulator output and the low-dropout linear regulator output.

Test points are provided for input power, output loads, shutdown control and power-good monitoring.


    • Demonstrates the TC1303B, 500 mA synchronous inductor-based dc-dc BUCK converter + 300 mA LDO with Power Good Output.
    • Designed to demonstrate small size and low noise fixed output application.
    • Output Voltages set to Buck VOUT1 = 1.8V, LDO VOUT2 = 2.7V


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