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STR710 evaluation board with socket (STR710-EVAL)

The STR710-EVAL evaluation board is a cost effective, flexible and open design board that demonstrates and evaluates the capabilities of the STR71xF series microcontrollers and all available peripherals.

It includes a high performance STR710FZ2T6 ARM7TDMIв„ў core-based MCU with 2 Mbits embedded Flash with best-in-class random access time and 64 KB on-chip high speed SRAM. This memory enables full freedom in development of large programs before custom hardware is designed.

The STR710-EVAL integrates a 2x16 LCD, LEDs, UART, CAN and USB interfaces, piezo buzzer and test buttons in a versatile stand-alone test platform.

A wide choice of development tool support is readily available from third-party tool suppliers.


  • STR710FZ2T6 with processor running at up to 48 MHz, in a 144-pin TQFP package with:
    • 256 Kbytes Flash program memory
    • 64 Kbytes RAM
    • Embedded 1.8V voltage regulator for core supply
    • Nested interrupt controller and more
  • Hardware features for evaluating a range of device peripherals including:
    • USB
    • CAN
    • RS-232
    • I2C EEPROM
    • SPI Flash
    • 2x16 character LCD display
    • 4 Mbytes EMI SRAM (2 M x 16)
    • 4 Mbytes EMI Flash (2 M x 16)
    • User test buttons
    • Analog channel
  • Industry standard JTAG connector for development tool support


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Производитель: STMicroelectronics
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Микроконтроллер - [TQFP-144-20x20]; Ядро: ARM7TDMI, 32-бит; FLASH: 272 КБайт; RAM: 64 КБайт; АЦПканалов: 4; АЦПразр: 12; АЦПскорость: 1 кГц
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