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IAR starter kit for STM32F746/756 lines - with STM32F746IG MCU (STM3274G-SK/IAR)

The IARв„ў starter kit is a complete, cost-effective solution for starting application development and evaluating the STMicroelectronics STM32F7 Series ARMВ® CortexВ®-M7 core-based microcontrollers.

It contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows the user to design, start to develop, integrate and test the applications, right out of the box:

- Evaluation board with STM32F746IG MCU

- J-jet-Lite debug probe

- Software tools, project examples and documentation, included in the DVD installation

IARв„ў starter kits are available for a full range of ST ARMВ® core-based microcontrollers.


  • MCU
    • STM32F746IG CortexВ®-M7 CPU with FPU 216 MHz, Art accelerator, 1 Mbyte of Flash memory, 320 Kbytes of SRAM
  • User interface
    • 4 status LEDs
    • Joystick
    • Audio microphone and headphone jack
    • User button, reset button
    • 4”3 touch screen color LCD
  • Debug interface
    • JTAG/SWD connector 20 pin 0.1”
    • Trace connector 20 pin 0.05”
  • Communication interface
    • 2x USB connectors
    • RS-232 DB9 connector
    • Ethernet
  • Power functions (including multiple power supply options):
    • JTAG/SWD (pin 19)
    • USB
    • External power jack
    • Trace connector (pins 11 & 13)
    • Power supply LED
    • Comparator
  • Others
    • SD card slot
    • 16 Mbit of QSPI Flash memory
    • 256 Mbit of SDRAM
    • Temperature sensor
    • 3D accelerometer & 3D gyroscope
    • 3D magnetometer
    • Buzzer


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IAR starter kit for STM32F746/756 lines - with STM32F746IG MCU STM3274G-SK/IAR

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