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Evaluation board with STM32F429NI MCU (STM32429I-EVAL)

The STM32429I-EVAL evaluation board is a complete demonstration and development platform for the STMicroelectronics ARMВ®Cortexв„ў-M4 core-based STM32F429 line microcontrollers.

The integrated ST-LINK/V2 provides an embedded in-circuit debugger and programmer for the STM32 MCU. Extension headers make it possible to easily connect a daughterboard for your specific application.

The STM32429I-EVAL evaluation board includes everything required for beginners and experienced users to develop applications quickly.


  • STM32F429NIH6 microcontroller
  • 4.3” color TFT LCD with resistive touchscreen (480 x 272 pixels)
  • Six 5 V power supply options:
    • Power jack
    • ST-LINK/V2 USB connector
    • User USB HS connector
    • User USB FS1 connector
    • User USB FS2 connector
    • Daughterboard
  • SAI Audio DAC, stereo audio jack which supports headset with microphone
  • Stereo digital microphone, audio terminal connector used to connect external speakers
  • 2 GBytes (or more) SDIO interface MicroSD card
  • RF EEPROM on I2 C compatible serial interface
  • RS-232 communication
  • IrDA transceiver
  • JTAG/SWD and ETM trace debug support, ST-LINK/V2 embedded
  • IEEE-802.3-2002 compliant Ethernet connector
  • Camera module
  • 8M x 32-bit SDRAM, 1M x 16-bit SRAM and 8M x 16-bit NOR Flash
  • Joystick with 4-directional control and selector
  • Reset, Wakeup and Tamper buttons
  • 4 color user LEDs
  • Extension connectors & memory connectors for daughterboard or wrapping board
  • USB OTG HS and FS with Micro-AB connectors
  • RTC with backup battery
  • CAN2.0A/B compliant connection
  • Potentiometer
  • Motor control connector


Спецификация (BOM)

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Evaluation board with STM32F429NI MCU STM32429I-EVAL

Используемые компоненты

Производитель: STMicroelectronics
STM32429I-EVAL1 STM32429I-EVAL1 Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

STM32429I-EVAL1 – полноценная демонстрационно-отладочная платформа для линейки микроконтроллеров ARM® Cortex™-M4 STM32F429 от ST Microelectronics
31960,00 r
На складе: 2 шт.
STM32F429NIH6 STM32F429NIH6 Цена, руб. Срок поставки Укажите

High-performance and DSP with FPU, ARM Cortex-M4 MCU with 2 Mbytes Flash, 180 MHz CPU, Art Accelerator, HW crypto, SDRAM, TFT
1300,00 r
от 2 шт. 1140,00 q
от 4 шт. 971,00 q
от 7 шт. 891,00 q
На складе: 173 шт.

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