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Amplifier based on the TS4990IQT (STEVAL-CCA037V1)

The STEVAL-CCA037V1 demonstration board is designed to evaluate the TS4990IQT low power audio amplifier. The micro package DFN8 (dual flat non-leaded 8 pins) allows space saving and good thermal dissipation.

The BTL gain is set at 2 V/V and can be adapted if necessary with a modification of two (R1 or R2) resistor values.

It is possible to modify the input configuration from single ended to differential of the STEVAL-CCA037V1 demonstration board.

More information regarding component calculations is available in the TS4990 datasheet.


  • Operating from VCC = 2.2 V to 5.5 V
  • Active low standby mode
  • 1.2 W output power @ VCC = 5 V, THD = 1%, F = 1 kHz, with 8 О© load
  • Ultra low power consumption in standby mode (10 nA)
  • 62dB PSRR @ 217 Hz in grounded mode (Av = 2 V/V)
  • Near zero pop and click
  • Ultra low distortion (0.1%)
  • Module gain set at 2 V/V
  • Thermal and short-circuit protection
  • RoHS compliant


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Amplifier based on the TS4990IQT STEVAL-CCA037V1

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