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RD-195 DC Arc Detection Reference Design Solution (SM73201-ARC-EV)

The RD-195 reference design is a DC arc detection solution that reliably detects arcs and alerts the system, reducing the chances of fires being caused by arcing. The solution is fully programmable, providing maximum flexibility for system integration and false detection optimization. It is accompanied by an easy-to-use GUI, enabling rapid alteration of detection parameters for easy evaluation. The RD-195 reference design kit includes the SM73201-ARC-EV PCB with a minimal footprint of less than 50 mm x 30 mm. The reference design utilizes a proprietary dynamic filtering technique to effectively detect the signature of arcing conductors in the presence of highly noisy real world environments. The analog path requires less than 50mW of power to implement the active filtering. The operating temperature range of all the devices cover the industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. For solar component manufacturers investing in the US market: The RD-195 reference solution is fully compliant with the NEC690.11 requirements.


Maximum DC string current = 15A Simple LED arc detection flag Industrial Temperature Range (-40°C to +85°C) Small PCB footprint of less than 50 mm x 30 mm Low power requirement Multistring option Self-test 3000V isolation Algorithm tuning This software and related material [the “RD195-ARCDETECT-SW-PACKAGE” (RD-195 SW), the “C2000-IEC60730-SW-PACKAGE” (C2000 SW), and the RD-195 DC ARC Detection Reference Design Solution (SM73201-ARC-EV)], is provided STRICTLY FOR INTERNAL EXAMPLE PURPOSES only. It is intended as an example or starting point ONLY, for you to review and use internally in developing or creating your own fully developed and tested ARC-Detection system. It is not intended for further distribution or use in any product, system, or application which would be released into the public. Please review the accompanying limited license agreement carefully; this material is provided subject to those terms and strictly on an “AS IS” basis; no technical support is available.


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RD-195 DC Arc Detection Reference Design Solution SM73201-ARC-EV

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