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USB-to-SPI Interface Adapter (SC-USB-SPI) (SC-USB-SPI)

SC-USB-SPI is an adapter used for converting a computer’s USB interface connection to the serial parallel interface (SPI) used by the SC18XX. Only two connections are required for use with the SC18XX and no external power supply is required. The USB connection from the host computer is made through a standard USB 2.0 cable and connects to the USB-B female connector, J3, on SC-USB-SPI. The interface connection between circuit assembly containing the SC18XX and the USB-SPI adapter is through J2.

This adapter can only be used to run one instance of the SC18XX GUI at a time. Conflicts will occur when running multiple SC18XX GUIs trying to open the same SPI communication pipe.


  • Provides Easy Connectivity to the SC18XX Interface from a USB Device
  • Allows Use of One Instance of the SC18XX GUI
  • No External Power Supply Required


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