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RN4871 Bluetooth Low Energy PICtail / PICtail Plus Daughter Board (RN-4871-PICTAIL)

The RN-4871-PICtail is a development board based on the ultra-compact Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy RN4871 module. The RN4871 uses a simple ASCII command interface over the UART. The board enables evaluation of the RN4871 and development of Bluetooth low Energy applications in two different ways:

1) Out of the box: When plugged into the USB port of a PC, the board will enumerate as a Communication Device Class (CDC) Serial device. Through a terminal program, users can configure and control the module and transfer data using the easy to use provided command set.

2) As a PICtail/PICtail Plus, the board interfaces to Explorer 8 or Explorer 16 Development Board. The Explorer 8/16 modular development system works with one of hundreds of available PIC 8, 16, 32 bit Microcontrollers PIM (Plug-In-Modules). The PICtail bridges the host MCU UART to the RN4871's UART interface for data transfer or configuration using the straight-forward, easy-to-use ASCII style command set.


    • Bluetooth® 4.2 Compliant RN4871 module with on-board antenna and 2dBm output power
    • Plug-and-Play USB interface for configuring and controlling the module
    • PICtail interface for connection to Microchip’s most popular Microcontroller development platforms, such as Explorer 16
    • USB indication, module status and User configurable LEDs
    • Coin cell Battery, USB or PICtail power options
    • iOS app for demonstration


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RN4871 Bluetooth Low Energy PICtail / PICtail Plus Daughter Board RN-4871-PICTAIL

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