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RN1723 Wi-Fi IoT Development Board (RN-1723-LPCM)

The RN1723 Development Board provides a platform to evaluate Microchip’s RN1723 module for low-power client applications. The development kit comes with the RN1723 Development Board, which is pre-loaded with demonstration software that enables users to explore the features of the RN1723 IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi® module.

The development board is also expandable through a PICtail™ expansion interface that enables users to extend its functionality by adding various sensor/transceiver expansion boards.

RN1723 Development Board is a great tool that demonstrates how to easily enable IoT applications with the RN1723 module. The RN1723 Development Board incorporates the main components and features that make connecting to and transmitting data to a Web-based server, a straightforward process for designers.


    • PIC32MX + RN1723
    • WolfSSL demo with Cloud Connectivity
    • PICtail Connector
    • POT, Temp Sensor
    • USB interface for PC
    • Powered by 2 AA batteries


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RN1723 Wi-Fi IoT Development Board RN-1723-LPCM

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