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15W Adapter Reference Board

This is the 15W 5 V USB adapter reference design board using Quasi-Resonant PWM IC ICE2QS03G (DSO-8) with CoolMOS™ IPS65R1K5CE (IPAK SL) and secondary side synchronous rectification IC IR1161 (5-Pin SOT-23) with OptiMOS™ BSZ100N06LS3 G (S3O8, 3x3 mm style SuperSO8). The reference USB adapter board is specially designed in a very small form factor, high efficiency, low standby power, various modes of protections for a high reliable system and it pass conductive EMI, ESD and Lightning surge test. This board can be used for production by customers after final verification with minor changes.


  • Quasi-Resonant flyback with state-of-art CoolMOS – high efficiency and low EMI noise

  • Active burst mode with high voltage startup cellvery low standby power consumption

  • Secondary side synchronize rectification controller with stat-of-art OptiMOS - further improve the efficiency

  • Various modes of protections and rugged CoolMOS – high reliable system


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