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Value Sound Bar Reference Design Kit (RDK-VALUE-SB)

This is a Value Soundbar reference design kit for Stereo or 2.1 applications, which can easily be reapplied for PC speakers, or MP3 Docks. This is a complete reference design, including all programming hardware required, so you can get to working within minutes, a prototype within hours, and production within 8 weeks on average! The cost of build of the Value Soundbar Reference Design Kit is 30% less than the discrete solutions available in the market today. The design has a multitude of stuffing options, allowing developers to customise the product easily, without having to redesign the PCB. The software comes in two parts, firstly the MSP430 code (completely open source) and a code file for the home audio version of Purepath Studio. TI integrates both the programmer for the MSP430 and a dedicated programmer for the PCM3070 and EEPROM.


1x Two Layer FR4 Printed Circuit board and two accessory pcb's (buttons & LCD's). Analog, S/PDIF and USB inputs can be added/removed simply with pick and place BOM options Optional headers for extra channel outputs (e.g. Extra DAC for line out subwoofer) Compatible with the CC8520 Evaluation board for wireless Subwoofer transmitter. Dedicated "programmer" board for in-circuit programming of the EEPROM and real-time modification of running code on the PCM3070 "Programmer" Board design and layout can be reused for production programming with the addition of pogo pins. Includes SRS WOW HDв„ў as a standard feature with no additional cost to customers and a near-term roadmap to include TruVolumeв„ў and TruSurround HDв„ў


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Value Sound Bar Reference Design Kit RDK-VALUE-SB

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