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Integrated Gate Driver for Residential Inverters Reference Design (PMP9455)

The PMP9455 reference design provides a highly integrated gate driver solution for 800VA to 3kVA iPure Sine Wave Low Frequency Inverter application . With its unique features of higher peak current drive capability along with integration of two transconductance amplifier with external programmable gain and filtering , the design is a perfect fit for industrial applications . The daughter card design of SM72295 can also be used in various otherfour switch power topologies such as Buck Boost, Interleaved Buck etc. The Reference design hasalso been successfully tested on Solar MPPT charger , the details of which can also be found in TIDA-00120 design (http://www.ti.com/tool/TIDA-00120).


SM72295: full bridge MOSFET driver with 3A peak current drive capability Integrated ultra fast 100V boot strap diodes can support up to 5KVA rated inverters Two high side current sense amplifiers with externally programmable gain and buffered outputs which can be used for measuring the Battery charge and discharge current – Additional current sense amplifiers and buffers are not required Programmable over voltage protection – which can be used for Charge complete detection or for driver shutdown feature in case of a fault condition Can be directly interfaced with a microcontroller Power Good indicator available


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Integrated Gate Driver for Residential Inverters Reference Design PMP9455

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