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17.5W Dual USB Car Charger Reference Design (PMP9367)

PMP9367 is a dual USB car charger reference design intended for use in aftermarket automotive application. This design utilizes the LM3150, TPS2561 Dual Channel Power Switch and a TPS2513 USB Dedicated Charging Port Controller. This design operates from 6 to 40V in. The outputs is set to 5V, channel one has a 1A current limit and channel two has a 2.1A current limit. This design has a switching frequency of 300 kHz.


Small overall solution size. +5V/3.5A with LM3150 capable of 6V to 40V input Synchronous Controller provides 95% peak efficiency Constant On Time Control, No Loop Compensation Required, and Fast Transient Response Emulated Ripple Mode (ERM) control allows for the use of low ESR output capacitors.


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17.5W Dual USB Car Charger Reference Design PMP9367

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Производитель: Texas Instruments
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Dual Channel Precision Adjustable Current-Limited Power Switches 10-VSON -40 to 85
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