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Dual-Port Automotive USB Charger Reference Design (PMP7390)

Using the TPS40170 PWM Buck Controller, this power management reference design provides a regulated 5V to power 2 USB ports at 2.1A each (total 4.2A) in a small form-factor. The design has been optimized for a nominal 12V input and accepts 8-60V.


8 to 60V (12V nominal) input voltage and 5V/4.2A output with TPS40170 Form factor complies to UL 2089 and ANSI/SAE J563 Meets BC1.2 for DCP with one TPS2511 per port Supports both USB 2.0 and 3.0 power switch requirements TPS2511 USB power switch also offers the data line control to charge many devices This reference design has been lab tested and is supported with design files and an application note


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Dual-Port Automotive USB Charger Reference Design PMP7390

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