Power Management for C667x DSP AVS Core (CVDD) (PMP7303)

The C667x power management reference design is optimized to power the core voltage (CVCC) of TI's Keystone multicore DSP. The C66x series uses SmartReflex technology to enable the DSP to control its supply voltage to attain optimal performance and low power consumption. The design features a 2-phase synchronous buck controller and NEXFET Power Block MOSFETs to acheive the highest efficiency and smallest form factor from a 5V or a 12V input supply.


Wide VDD range = 4.5V to 20V Achieves up to 90% peak efficiency at 1V output Less than 2.5% total DC voltage error exceeds DSP's requirement Low ripple voltage (<10mV) Provides up to 25A in a 45x25mm double-sided form factor Reference design has been built and tested


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Power Management for C667x DSP AVS Core (CVDD) PMP7303

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