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220V-400VDC Input, 12V/100W Active Clamp Forward (PMP6961)

This reference design generates an isolated 12V/100W output from a high voltage DC input. This design is intended to operate from the output of a PFC front end regulator. The UCC2897A is used to control an active clamp forward converter. Self-driven synchronous rectifiers allow for over 91% efficiency. An accurate current limit is provided by directly sensing the output current. A clock pulse output is also provided for synchronizing with other converters.


220V-400VDC to 12V/8.333A Output (100W) 91% efficiency Ouput Current Sensing Features UCC2897A Controller along with TI NexFET Synchronous Rectifiers Active Clamp Forward Topology Reduced conduction losses with synchronous rectifiers


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220V-400VDC Input, 12V/100W Active Clamp Forward PMP6961

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