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LMG5200 48V to 1V/40A Single Stage Converter Reference Design (PMP4497)

The PMP4497 is a GaN-based reference design solution for the Vcore such as FPGA, ASIC applications. With high integration and low switching loss, the GaN module LMG5200 enables a high efficiency single stage from 48V to 1.0V solution to replace the traditional 2-stage solution. This design shows the GaN performance and the system advantages, compared with the 2-stages solution. A low cost ER18 planar PCB transformer is embedded on the board. The design was achieved in a compact form factor (45mm*26mm*11mm). The size could be further reduced by optimizing frequency and components.


LMG5200 GaN FET module Single stage Half-Bridge Current-Doubler topology Extra high Efficiency up to 89.9% with full load @48Vin DCAP+ Controlling with the TPS53632G Compact size: 45mm*26mm*11mm


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LMG5200 48V to 1V/40A Single Stage Converter Reference Design PMP4497

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