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Infotainment Power System Reference Design for Automotive (PMP15014)

This solution is designed to be an automotive off-battery front end power supply for infotainment systems. It was created using a one stage power system meeting high voltage input needs and providing low voltage for multi output rails for different load needs. The system also provides transient and reverse polarity protection. The Wide Vin Buck stage is working at 2.1Mhz to avoid AM band and has superior EMI performance with an differential EMI filter to support CISPER 25.


Wide Vin 2.1MHz Integrated , Low Iq Buck Converter Boost for 5V CAN supply Transient and Reverse Polarity Protection and EMI filter added The system disconnet the second stage power and keep 3.3V sustained when Input votlage lower than 4.5V


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Infotainment Power System Reference Design for Automotive PMP15014

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